The Little Blue Bible Camp Board of Directors meet the 3rd Sunday of the month to discuss camp business, for more information and location of meetings.

All Little Blue Bible Camp members are welcome to attend monthly meetings.

If you are not a Little Blue Bible Camp member please click the “APPLY” button and get involved today.  LBBC NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!

Little Blue Bible Camp



    Little Blue Bible Camp is a 501c3 Non-profit Organization operated by members of the church of Christ. Little Blue Bible Camp is incorporated in the state of Missouri. Little Blue Bible Camp has a Board of Directors which operates according to established bylaws in overseeing the camp and all associated activities. Little Blue Bible Camp is, at its simplest, a group of Christians have made teaching kids the Gospel their personal mission work. They work together to provide a summer camp where children can learn about God, make lifelong friends and have fun doing summer camp activities. Little Blue Bible Camp sponsors camp sessions open to children ages 9-19.


    Little Blue Bible Camp is NOT the church of Christ. We are not governed by elders. As the Bible does not authorize the church to sponsor activities such as basketball and swimming, we must recognize the difference between the church and the camp. We are not restricted on methods to raise funds except when it goes against the Bible’s teachings for any Christian.


    Our camp needs supporters. We strive to keep our camper fees are reasonably priced to ensure families are able to send their children to camp. But keeping camper fees low means we need to raise money from other sources to meet the camp’s operating budget.
    Little Blue Bible Camp offers camp memberships:

    1) As a way to raise money for operating the camp. Your membership fee helps cover things like postage and printing, repairs and upgrades.

    2) As a way to raise awareness and support for the camp. Being a member of Little Blue Bible Camp is an important way of showing your support for the work that it does.

    3) Memberships are paid on an annual basis and are due January 1st.

    4) Lifetime Memberships may be purchased for $200.

    Becoming a member of camp is not just about the money. Membership is also a commitment to service. Whether that service comes in the form of physically laboring to keep our camp in great shape, or serving as staff during a week of camp, or remembering the camp in prayers, we need your commitment to service.


    1) Members are eligible to vote for directors to sit on the board. All memberships paid before June 30th* will receive a ballot for the October election.
    2) Male members 21 and older have the opportunity to run for a seat on the board.

    3) The ability to call a special meeting to discuss or vote on issues that you feel need to be addressed.

    4) You will be helping to spread the Gospel, serve God and follow Matthew 6:33!!!!!



    In the past, Little Blue Bible Camp has been blessed with generous monetary donations from individuals. It is because of donations like those that we have a swimming pool, air conditioning, pews in the chapel, and most everything else you see at camp. We have many things we would like to improve and maintain. Your generous monetary donation will help make those things happen.


    Another avenue we pursue is fundraising. As we are not the church but a group of Christians providing an environment for recreation and Bible education, we are able to do fundraising. We are always looking for new ways to raise funds and spread our name into our communities.

    If you have suggestions, ideas, or questions,


    In the past we have had families request donations to the camp in the memory of their loved one after their passing. You can do so yourself by remembering the camp in your will. We can provide you with complete information on this method of donating.


    The benefit of having our own full-time facility at our disposal is also the largest drawback. Every year, it takes hundreds of man hours to prepare the camp. Too many times the burden falls to just a handful of people. We need volunteers to come to the camp and help with activities such as cleaning, painting, mowing and numerous other tasks.


    We are constantly looking for sound, faithful Christians to serve as staff in our sessions. We need men willing to direct, men and women to be counselors, cooks and support staff. We need people behind the scenes, too. We also need handymen, food coordinators, yearbook makers and gophers. It takes a dozen or more people to provide a quality session of camp.


    Please pray that there will always be a stronghold of respite from the influences of the world for our children. Pray that the parents and children continue coming to camp each year and that we have much success in educating them about the Word of God.


    Mailing Address: PO Box 261 Oak Grove MO 64075


    See for current contact information of Board of Directors members.